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Just brush your teeth freely in all directions.

Actually, the 360 degree does not mean much. The bristles are short and highly elastic, and the interlayer gap is maintained. As bristles are shorter and more elastic, toothbrushes are better.

Just because the head is round, you don’t have to spread toothpaste all over the head. Just use it by a half of your pinky’s nail. If you want to see the definite effects of the toothbrush, just brush your teeth with water only. You may feel refreshed even without any toothpaste.

If you apply a little more force to your wrist than usual and wipe it gently to generate micro bubbles caused by the vibration of sound waves, you can wipe it thoroughly. In particular, it is a great advantage that the brush head is small so that it can enter every corner from the back of the molars to the inside of the front teeth.

The toothbrushes for young children are available in steps according to their age. Since they start to brush their teeth on their own since age 3, a sonic toothbrush can be more comfortable. The toothbrushes for adults are good for those with braces/implant, those suffering from dental coating or periodontal diseases or pregnant women/diabetes patients with weak gum.

What about exchange, return and warranty policies?

You need one triple-A battery. If you use the toothbrush twice a day (2 minutes at a time), it will last about 3 months.

This product uses micro-water bubbles generated by sonic waves. Since it reduces direct brushing, the bristles last nearly twice longer than regular toothbrush hair. It is specified that the brush can last about 3 months. In general, however, it is used for 4-6 months.

If you turn each layer by holding the bristles, it revolves because a washer is inserted between the layers. Under this structure, even if you bite or chew the bristles, the head revolves, preventing them from being damaged.

The toothbrush is an electronic product which is fragile and easily broken by impacts. Be careful not to drop it during use.
Do NOT put the toothbrush in a UV-sterilizer case. The bristles can turn yellow.
Do NOT leave the brush in hot water (60˚C or higher), a UV sterilizer case or a microwave oven. The superfine bristles can melt down or discolor.